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Melanie's Path

Pet psychic

Melanie is a Licensed Social Worker, with a Master of Social Work from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Purdue University. During her time at Purdue University, Melanie assisted with several equine therapy-based programs that focused on high-risk youth and physical therapy.  The equine therapy programs taught Melanie just how deeply our healing is connected with our animals.   Melanie began dreaming of spiritual retreat where we hold space for the holistic healing of both person and pet.   She is in the process of bringing this dream into reality.

Melanie has always had her mediumship and animal communication gifts.  She began interacting with 

animals, ghosts, and other spirits from a very young age. As she has developed her gifts, she adopted the if you see something that can help someone say it.  Melanie would altruistically approach an animal or person in need of having a message delivered. Before she knew it the people that she had helped told their family and friends.  

​After 10 years of practicing Social Work Melanie decided to change gears and start working as a medium. Melanie has been providing quality readings full-time since 2014.   

Melanie maintains her licensure with the state of Ohio. Her experience as a social worker brings a unique solution-focused paradigm to her readings. 

Melanie has been an active horsewoman for over 35 years with experience in competing, judging, and management of the care of world-class equine athletes, 

Melanie is an experienced energy healer, educator, presenter, and consultant.


If you would like to learn more or book a session, let's connect!


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