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Personal Readings

What is a Personal Reading?

A personal reading is a long-distance or in-person reading.  These readings include mediumship for those who wish to connect with a loved one, medical intuition, channeling, astral projection, and many other metaphysical tools to explore where your life is going.  

These readings are great for if you have questions about your professional and personal growth and relationships.  We take a healing solution-focused approach while exploring these blockages or roadblocks you have encountered.

These readings are offered in 60-minute and 90-minute increments. The 90-minute readings include a 30-minute meditation tailored to your personal needs.

How do I prepare for a Spiritual reading?

For Long Distance Personal Readings send 2 photographs of yourself to my cell phone ((513)-578-4141) the day before your session.

These photos need to meet the following criteria:

  •  Less than 48 hours old at the time of the appointment.

  • One photo that clearly shows a view of your face and eyes in a head shot.

  • The second photo is a full body photo that is fully clothed of the complete body.

    • Photo must be unobstructed by objects.

    • Please wear light colored clothing.

    • No filters on the photos.

If you desire to connect with a specific loved one during your reading please send a photo of them or photo of an item that belonged to them along with your photos via SMS/text to my cell phone ((513)-578-4141).

Set your intentions! Write down 5 questions or topics that you would like to cover, including whom you would like to connect with.

These sessions can be done over the phone and via Zoom, recordings of your session is available through zoom. In-person Individual and group mediumship, events, workshops, and personal readings are also available!

DISCLAIMER: A medical intuitive or healing session is not to be mistaken for medical advice or medical treatment. I always encourage my clients to follow up with a qualified medical professional.

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