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Animal Readings

Animal communication is a pet psychic reading service where I connect with your companion animal, of any type, and act as his or her voice.

I am able to send and receive messages, telepathically from your beloved animal friend. I share with you the insights they share about their past and current mental, physical, and emotional states in real-time. 

Animal communication sessions can also be used for helping locate missing pets or pets who have crossed over. 
Long-distance animal communication sessions are 30 minutes in length per animal.

Animal Reading FAQs

How can an animal communication session help me and my animal friend?

Animal communication can give us insight into the physical and emotional states of our animal friends.  We can explore how those concerns are impacting things like their behavior and your relationship with them. We will ask them about past life experiences and the behaviors that they are showing now because of those experiences.

As an animal communicator, I frequently work with professionals such as massage therapists, chiropractors, and veterinarians to assist their clients with understanding their patients better. 

If you are looking to purchase a new horse or pet an animal communication session can serve as a prepurchase interview where we will ask them things like if they are able to perform the tasks you are wanting of them, what are their personalities like, what are their quirks?


I am often able to assist in finding lost/stolen animals.

Animal communication sessions can also be used to communicate with animals who have crossed over.

What should I expect during my session?

I begin each session with a small interview that allows me to get to know their personalities, physical and emotional concerns.  I will follow up by asking what behaviors our animal friends are showing to communicate these things.

During my interview I will ask them things like:

  • What hurts?

  • Where do they have concerns with their training?

  • Do they feel like they can perform the task that is being asked of them? Why?

  • What triggers their anxiety?

  • Is there anything that their person can do differently to help them?

  • What questions and concerns do they have?

  • What makes them happy?

Often times during my interview they will bring up the topics that you would like to discuss.  At any time during my interview ask them a follow-up question to direct the conversation the way that you take it. This is the best way to keep it a flowing conversation. I find my interview takes 10 to 15 minutes.


The remaining portion of the session is for your questions! Come prepared with about 5 questions to ask your animal friend.

I believe that our animal friends understand a lot of what we say to them. They are aware of our health changes, stressors, and our achievements.  I believe that often times they do not have the life experiences to place it into a context or construct. I find with a conversation we can work together to present resolutions for a lot of issues going on in the home.

How do I prepare for a long-distance session?

24 hours before your session please send two photographs that meet the following criteria to my cell phone at (513)578-4141.

  • One photography that is a headshot. This photo must clearly show their face and at least one eye.

  • The second photograph is a side profile view that clearly shows their entire body.  Nose to tail including feet.

  • No blankets, large equipment, fly boots, or anything that obstructs the view of their body.

  • No filters.  Photos should be in focus and have good lighting so that I can clearly see their eyes in both photos. 

  • Both photos are to be less than 48 hours old at the time of your appointment. 

I prefer to know as little as possible about you and your animal friend. The only information that I like to have about them and you before a
session is their names.

Write down any questions that you may have for them, for your own reference.

You do not have to be present with them during your session, but I encourage you to be so you can see their expressions and body language as we chat! 

How does this work?

Using the two photographs I connect with the animals telepathically through what I refer to as a heart link. My highest self speaks with their highest self. This is a trust-filled, judgment-free, safe sacred space to talk about the toughest life experiences. There is no right or
wrong just is.

During sessions, I perceive information telepathically that can include but not be limited to life events, daily events, stressful moments, training issues, performance, overall well-being, and any environmental concerns.

When I relay the information I obtain from them, I do my best to paint you a complete picture of what is going on with them mentally and physically during their past and present life experiences.  This information is often shared with professionals like trainers, veterinarians, and other professionals like massage therapists and chiropractors to help our animal friends feel their very best.





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