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Meet Melanie the Medium

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Meet Amelia

Melanie Grubbs

Melanie is a natural born animal communicator, spiritual medium, and medical intuitive. She has always experienced a deep connection with what she calls "spirit", animals, and the environment. Melanie is an experienced medium, healer, educator, presenter, and consultant.

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Readings Offered

Animal communication is available for all companion animal species. Sessions are offered in-person and long distance. Two recent photos of the animal is all that is needed to connect with your pet no matter their location. 

Personal Readings are for you! These readings include mediumship, medical intuition, and the use of other metaphysical tools such as oracle/tarot cards.  Personal readings are available in-person and long distance. Group mediumship and tarot card parties are also available! 

Animal Communication Parties or "Barn Parties" are a great and affordable way to have on-site animal communication sessions with your pet!   Invite up to 12 animals and their people to have a 20-minute one on one session with Melanie at your home or facility. 

"I had a healing session with Melanie and I’ve never felt emotionally better in my life! I don’t know how she does it, but she is very gifted and is the real deal!"

- Maureen




Amazing reading. Very accurate and on point. I would recommend her to anybody! She hit the nail on the head with things my doctors missed for 15 years+ in just the first 20 min alone. Blew me away. She is very gifted, accurate, patient and such a beautiful and kind soul. As a reader myself, and having TONS of readings done by others for me....this is by far the best reading I have had. And she is such a pleasure to talk with. :)

- Jacklynn


I am so grateful for my reading with Melanie. I have had many readings and this was by far the best I've EVER had. Melanie worked with only a photo and no other details of my condition. I was completely blown away by how specific the reading was. Her guidance has given me clarity on chronic health issues I've had for years. Not to mention she is incredibly warm and kind which put me at ease right away. She has been blessed with a true gift and I will be recommending her to everyone I feel could benefit from her services.


"If you're on the fence of whether or not to contact Melanie, do it! She is genuine and truly able to help heal through messages from loved ones. She let me know that my dog was passing and there was nothing that could be done. The next day x-rays showed enlarged heart with fluid on the heart and lungs. She had said, "fluid on his heart and lungs". He passed on his own the next day at home surrounded by his family. I asked her to tell it to me straight about his future. It was incredibly hard but knowing what was ahead let me focus on him and tell him how much he was loved. She has helped in ways of past loved ones and many many times in our discussions Melanie has known things that I've not discussed with any other person, ever. She has a clear goal to heal others and I highly recommend her to be your intuitive guide.

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